Tour – Fortress City

Because of its border location and proximity to Lisbon, Elvas was soon recognized as key to defend the Kingdom. With the Restoration War of Portugal, between 1640 and 1668, Elvas underwent a profound transformation, modernizing its defenses and rehearsing modern military constructions. With this tour we will visit great part of the city’s fortifications, highlighting key features of its defense and important military buildings. Come and visit one of the most fortified cities in the world!


Castle — Half Bulwark Principe — Boat House — Barracks Trem — Paiol Conceição — Cistern — Fountain Misericórdia — Military Hospital — Bulwark Olivença — Rua de Alcamim

Meeting point

Entrance of the Castle of Elvas

Ponto de chegada

Rua de Alcamim (Rua do Comércio)


2.5 – 3 hours


15 € / person

under 12 years old . free