Tour – History of Elvas

The most important fortified city in Europe, was initially occupied by Man during the Neolithic period. It began to gain importance with the establishment of an Islamic village called Ialbax in the 8th century. Following the Christian reconquest in the 13th century and the medieval period, Elvas lived periods of great prosperity that would also be politically and militarily afflicted, culminating with the Restoration War in the 17th Century and later with the Peninsular Wars in the 19th Century. Come discover the history of this amazing city. With this tour, we will be visiting Islamic, Jewish and contemporary monuments.


Castle — Door of the Alcáçova, 1st islâmic wall — Church of Sta Mª da Alcáçova — Door of the Temple and Pillory — Church of the Domínicas — Synagogue — Arch Nª Sª da Encarnação, 2nd islâmic wall — Curch of S. Domingos — Bulwark Praça de Armas — Rua de Alcamim.

Meeting point

Entrance of the Castle of Elvas

Ending point

Rua de Alcamim (Rua do Comércio)


2.5 – 3 hours


15 € / person

under 12 years old . free