Tour – History of Campo Maior

Campo Maior has stories of miracles, fighting, tragedies and contraband. Its history is closely related with the border defense, containing the advancement of invading armies. The village valiantly resisted sieges, even those in which it surrendered, as, for example, in 1801, during the War of the Oranges.


Castle — Door of the Alcáçova, 1st islâmic wall — Church of Sta Mª da Alcáçova — Door of the Temple and Pillory — Church of the Domínicas — Synagogue — Arch Nª Sª da Encarnação, 2nd islâmic wall — Curch of S. Domingos — Bulwark Praça de Armas — Rua de Alcamim.

Meeting point

Main garden square of the town

Ending point

Main garden square of the town


2.5 – 3 hours


15 € / person

under 12 years old . free